How Can The Doll Machine Accurately Capture The Children's Hearts Of The 0-80-year-old Consumer Group?

- Nov 27, 2020-

How can the doll machine accurately capture the "children's hearts" of the 0-80-year-old consumer group?

claw crane game machine

In recent years, small crane machines have become popular in shopping malls and movie theaters. The claw machine, which was originally just a "supporting role" in the video game city, suddenly "fleeed" collectively. In addition to the traditional claw machine, it has gradually evolved into a gift machine with a variety of new ways such as two-jaw machine, lipstick machine and lucky bag machine.

In the past, twos and threes of the body of the gift, now almost everywhere, and even tend to be saturated. Claw machine shops with independent shops can be seen everywhere, and a variety of unique decorations and cute dolls capture the eyes of pedestrians. In addition to the claw machine shop, the aisles of the shopping mall, the edge of the cinema, the aisle of the children's clothing or restaurant area, the entrance of the boutique supermarket and other corners are arranged in a row and become standard. They range from three to five sets to dozens of sets. From time to time, people will be discouraged and stop to play a few.

What kind of consumers are the people who experience the claw machine?

Why do they choose the claw machine, and what makes them willing to keep coining?Young people who follow the trend

What kind of dolls are popular in Kuaishou and Douyin recently? What kind of dolls are everyone catching? Young people, especially girls, will have this urge to follow suit. Especially like the popular online celebrity claw machine shop, I see other people catch cute dolls in the shop, or take nice photos (at this time, the decoration in the shop will take some thought), I also want to go!

As we all know, women and children are the main consumer groups of doll machines. Both of these groups belong to irrational consumer groups. It is easy to use doll machines because of these cute dolls. Coupled with modern society, the pace of life has accelerated, and people's time has become fragmented. The claw machine cleverly uses the fragmented time of people queuing, waiting for people, and waiting for cars, allowing consumers to find fun in the time gap. Therefore, couples, a family of three, young women and other groups are frequent customers of claw machines. Keeping up with the trend, knowing the decoration of the store, and using the decoration of the store inside to trigger consumers to take pictures and spread it to form a second publicity is the focus of the claw machine shop to attract young people.