How Much Does The Naughty Castle Park Cost?

- Nov 20, 2020-

How much does the naughty castle park cost?

Children's indoor entertainment projects have developed very mature in European and American countries, but in China, in addition to the first and second tier cities, the third and fourth tier cities even can not find a decent children's park, children's playground.From the market rule, to seize the market opportunity means to master the highest profit, the minimum competition of the golden period of development.

Among them, the children's amusement project, as the leading one in the children's industry, attracts more and more investors to participate in this industry.For the first time to contact the naughty castle investors will ask, investment indoor naughty castle need more area is appropriate?

Naughty castle from dozens of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters can be done, specific open how much children's park area mainly depends on the following 4 aspects

One, indoor naughty castle site area: see your naughty castle is to open in a, second tier city or three, four line city, is in the small town, the center of the lot or the surrounding lot.For example, in the first and second tier cities and central urban areas, can open 300-600 square meters of naughty fort;In the third and fourth tier cities and more towns, you can open 100-300 square meters of naughty fort.

Second, the surrounding environment: the indoor park site area is relatively minor, the flow of people is the key.The main thing is how many kids go to play there, which requires a look at the flow of people.Note: No matter how big the site is, the location is the key. It is recommended to open the location of Qiqibao in the densely populated areas such as the community, supermarket, shopping mall, kindergarten and so on.

Three, financial strength: indoor naughty castle a share of more than a large area, this problem should be decided according to the financial strength of the investors.In general, 100-500 square meters is more appropriate, is the standard store type of entrepreneurship when your indoor naughty castle area is relatively small, you can do excellence, is specifically to do some of the most commonly played children's amusement projects, you can choose to do naughty castle, children's slide, indoor and outdoor expansion, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, etc.The naughty castle can be placed inside the ocean ball pool, octopus, coconut trees and other more popular children's favorite equipment.

If your indoor naughty castle area is larger, do some comprehensive, choice of different types of attractions, in order to meet the needs of different children, children of different ages, in fact, children's park manufacturer is relatively more, but don't choose, advocating on-the-spot investigation, contrast to choose big promises reliable manufacturers.

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