How to choose a good quality 9D VR?

- Sep 21, 2017-

Virtual reality is becoming a new concept for entertainment. There are a lot of VR products were released, but the most popular one is still 9D VR egg chair.

You can find many 9D VR in the market with different price, now there is a question: how to make sure the one you choose is in good quality?

First of all, May Easyfun kindly reminds you that: Please never believe you can get the best quality with lowest price! You are not superman, seller is not God. Always remember this you will not be deceived.

Secondly, please notice that for the 9D VR each VR glasses must have its own computer, for example, if 2 seats 9D VR, there must be 2 computers under the platform; if 6 seats 9D VR, there must be 6 computers under the platform. Some supplier may offer very low price, because they use just one computer to control the system, it will work, but only can watch 180 degree movies, cannot watch 360 degree VR movies. Actually, you can call it 5D VR, not 9D VR.
Thirdly, please keep an eye on the computer parameters. Because if use low-level configuration computers it is easy to save more than 500 USD cost, but it may cause dizzy when you enjoy the 9D VR. Easyfun only use high quality material to ensure every set 9D VR will give customers amazing virtual reality experience.

Fourthly, please be aware of the motion system. As we know, there are 2 systems (electric system and hydraulic system) for 5D 7D cinema, but for 9D VR cinema Easyfun only use electric system. Electric system's motion is more accurate and much quiet.


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