How To Manage The Doll Machine In The Cinema Correctly?

- Feb 15, 2021-

How to manage the doll machine in the cinema correctly?

doll machine

Cinema, it is the gathering place of city young men and women, after busy job passes, taking male/girlfriend or make an appointment to go up good friend, go to see the film that shows newest together, can yet be regarded as a kind of very good relaxation means.

In films such as the opening of free time, don't patronize the bow with your mobile phone, on the people around, moving to the front of the doll machine next to, or in some just buy snacks change of coin, or take out the mobile phone on the doll on the qr code scan, can perform in front of in a boyfriend/girlfriend, with luck, still can catch one or two dolls as a souvenir.As a result, the cinema has become one of the necessary options for many airport operators to choose their sites.

The choice of doll machine is still very important, first of all, to find reliable quality suppliers, features, beautiful and delicate appearance.For after-sales service, it is basically the mode of remote telephone guidance + replacement of spare parts, but note here that the purchase of equipment must have complete after-sales service equipment.

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