Is VR Already Hot Out Of Date? The Prospect Of Virtual Reality Is Not Limited

- Nov 15, 2017-

Is VR already hot out of date? The prospect of virtual reality is not limited

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Is called virtual reality "of the first year of" last year, after the first year, it seems that the emerging technology industry and to enter into the tepid state, while current VR, unlike previous explosive growth, but its development and prospects, is very light, check out these applications and examples, you will feel that the prospects of VR is limitless.

Comics are more than just paper and screen! The experience of mixing reality is coming

Magic Leap and Madefire announced a new project to collaborate on the New York marvel show, using Magic Leap's new device to create a hybrid reality comic experience for consumers. Madefire provides users with an online animation and fiction platform, and is cooperating with well-known blizzard entertainment, DC comics and marvel comics.

It is reported, the application of the cooperative development can let their cartoon panels is mapped to a wall, or in the form of 3 d three-dimensional suspended in the air, Magic Leap version would have stereo sound space, immersive experience to the readers. The most important thing is to allow the creator to publish the work directly online.