Jack Ma: Give Virtual Reality Plenty Of Time

- Oct 19, 2018-

Jack ma: give virtual reality plenty of time

The 2018 world VR(virtual reality) industry conference, co-hosted by the ministry of industry and information technology of China and the provincial government of jiangxi province, opened in nanchang, capital of jiangxi province on Monday.JACK Ma, chairman of alibaba, said at the conference that VR must be closely integrated with the real economy to have a future, otherwise it will become meaningless and will not have broad prospects.

In ma's view, virtual reality cannot really become an industry of virtual reality, and must be closely integrated with the real economy to have a real future. "Data age, both in VR, and AR, chain blocks, such as technology, they are more advanced, more popular, the wind investment like this again, but if not combined with manufacturing, services, and cannot promote the transformation and upgrading, cannot promote the society to a greener, more sustainable, more pratt &whitney direction, can't let the life of people more healthy, more happiness, such technology becomes meaningless, also impossible to have broad prospects." Mr. Ma said.

Ma also said that technological innovation is full of twists and turns and hardships. Just like the newborn, when the birth is not in fact good-looking, but to keep raising, after the painstaking efforts will be found very good-looking. This is true of anything new. Every technological revolution is about 50 years, the first 20 years are technological change, the last 30 years are applied change. So 20 years ago, it was pure VR. Now VR must be combined with big data and artificial intelligence. Otherwise, VR product can only be a novel and interesting application. Like a camera on the road, if it's not connected to the Internet, it's a fine tool. However, when connected to the Internet, the computer power can be used to solve the problem of traffic congestion. In the same way, only by combining with the Internet, big data and cloud computing can VR truly become a tool to solve the core technical problems. So we're going to give it time.