Now, In The Future, Do You Expect More VR Functions As I Do?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Now, in the future, do you expect more VR functions as I do?


Virtual reality technology is a kind of can create and experience the virtual world of the computer simulation system, which USES computer to generate a simulation environment is a kind of multi-source information fusion, interactive 3 d dynamic visual and physical behavior of the system simulation users immersed into the environment, the entity's experience is to give users in use process to create immersive feel.


"VR technology can be widely used in all aspects of human life in the future and provide practical solutions," said one expert.

At present, the known research and development achievements of VR include immersive 3D games, home decoration design, mechanical equipment dismantling, 9D movies, etc., but at present VR also has a lot of use and experience. In the near future, it will be widely used in all aspects of human life, even robots


1. flying through the sky

Space and the sky have always been mysterious fantasies and beautiful yearnings for human beings. Although human beings are carrying out frequent space exploration, when will human beings' supreme pursuit of colonizing Mars be realized? Is there a better way for you to experience a walk on Mars and land on Pluto in search of ultraman? VR can do it. It must be very funny when you think about it. If that's possible, I'm going to take a look at the light spots on the sun, the black holes in the universe, and Halley's comet


2. Extreme sports

The limit movement is a difficulty is very high sport category limits tend to break through the human body, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, cliff diving, etc., but safety first of the major premise, a lot of people because of the psychological, physical differences, or can't hands-on experience the fun of sports, such as skydiving, vertical downhill, but every time I think of those exciting sports, to feel the adrenaline surge rapidly. So if you have VR exercise, you can experience the kind of swift stroke in your home, testing your heart's load limit! I'm looking forward to it.


3. Global tourism

The Louvre in Paris, the Brazilian rain forest, the Sydney opera house, the royal museum of France and so on, many exquisite exhibits are cultural treasures of the whole mankind although they are protected cultural relics in various countries. Many people do not have the time and huge financial resources to travel around the world and visit famous places. Many people may have never been abroad for a lifetime, so once VR technology is realized, it can break the regional limit and connect with the world. Once VR technology is realized, it can break the regional limit and connect with the world. Once you are at home, you can immerse yourself in the museum, see the Mona Lisa of leonardo Da Vinci, and see the statue masterpiece of Michelangelo.


4. VR virtual communication

VR communications advantage compared with traditional communication or video call now has a lot of, although now video call is very convenient, quickly, but you still can't see a person, his side of the environment and the surrounding objects, such as architectural layout, sometimes if you want to keep the key in the sitting room, let your child to find you, bear a child may be various soso, with VR communications, you can to your home or friend's virtual living room, take part in the virtual party, or find the keys where in the hell.


5.polar exploration

The survival of humans on this earth, around the world, there are so many beautiful places, such as mount Everest in the snowy mountains, Honduras blue hole, mariana trench, etc., were conquered by the human, but there are still many restrictions, and can't let many people experience, but when there's a VR travel technology, we can on the basis of tourism choice of the place where we want to go to, want to experience the way, or climbing, scuba diving, or watching waves surge, or experience the magma surging, that kind of feeling relic of great!


6. VR robot butler

This one not only in the service of humanity, in the future as you can imagine, all kinds of artificial intelligence must have begun to take shape, can cook, can the robot when the driver might have been very comprehensive service to humans, when combining intelligent robot and VR virtual, to get into our virtual reality, robot assisted us to play games, as our assistant, etc., we, as a mortal, often busy not over of work and things heap together, feel overwhelmed, robot with VR technology, then it can control the robot's body in the kitchen cooking make tea for me, The thinking of robot can report various news information and chat dynamic in the virtual space, while I just stay at home wearing VR, and play golf with another robot on a wide mountaintop, the real peak of life, supreme experience!


7. Escape from the chamber of secrets

I've been to a lot of haunted houses, scary parks, a lot of dark, scary sound environments, and a little house made out of props and prosthetics. But personal feeling which is not scary, funny, played a lot of 3 d game on a computer, wilderness survival or terrorist puzzles, etc., often bring headphones when alone in the house quietly to play, but some of the scenes in the game will be particularly scary, when surrounded by VR advantaged immersion environment, experience the terror to escape? I do not dare to think down, must be particularly exciting fun