Operated The Amusement Park Has Four Tricks That Will Give You An Extra $5 Million

- May 10, 2018-

Operated the amusement park has four tricks that will give you an extra $5 million

So how to run a good indoor playground ? The following is an analysis of my own experience on the operation of game amusement experience, I hope to help you. We know that a amusement park is only two months from the point of selection to the beginning of business, but its life cycle should reach 5-7 years.

I. site selection (the most core and key factors)

It is better to choose the 3-5 floors of commercial street, especially the first-tier cities, which can be considered in the 2-4 line cities, such as commercial street, school, Internet cafe and big shopping mall

2. Decoration of game hall (secondary factors)

With the rhythm of people's life and leisure, it is necessary to create a happy atmosphere and a comfortable atmosphere. At present, there are styles of ocean world, animation, speed and so on

3. Regional layout of vehicle planning (direction of profit)

The layout of the video game city is generally divided into 8 blocks: simulation area, carnival area, music area, gift area, fighting area, adult area, booth area and basketball stage area. Add fruit drink services, lockers, lounge chairs, etc. Why do we add chairs, chairs and other items here? We, as the management personnel, should consider from the customer entering our field. For example, when the customer is playing the basketball machine, he will carry a bag on his back and hit the ball when he throws the ball. It affects customers' long shots. The cost of a basketball machine is more than 10,000 yuan, two COINS for one time, five minutes for playing, 24 COINS for one hour at most, 240 COINS for 10 hours for one day of business, it takes at least 50 days for the return of the book, and the minimum attendance rate of 50 plus the cost of artificial ground is 6 months for the return period.

4. Console equipment of the game machine (the fundamental factor for making money)

The machine platform equipment is the basis of the normal operation and profit of the  indoor playground. The more stable the computer platform equipment program is, the better the hardware facilities are, the less likely it will fail.