Seats In A Large 5D Dynamic Cinema

- Jul 23, 2017-

5D dynamic cinema can be found in parks and tourist areas. It is also found in theme parks, science museums, museums and real estate sales halls. The number of seats in the 5D dynamic theater can be twenty or thirty small theaters or two hundred or three hundred large theaters. Even the 5D cinema in 5D, the kingdom of Zhuhai, has reached 1000 seats, making it the world's largest cinema.

The 5D dynamic seats are similar to the 4D cinema's dynamic seats, but there are still some differences. They are also driven by three DOF servo electric platform under the seat, the seat can be ups and downs, helplessness, swaying motion. The 5D dynamic seat also has several special functions such as poking back, blowing, water spraying, vibration and sweeping legs.

The biggest difference from the 4D dynamic seat is that the seat of the 5D dynamic seat is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a kind of material which is added with colored fiber in composite resin. It is a kind of material of high strength. It is much stronger and safer than ordinary 4D seat. Moreover, 5D dynamic seats are more spacious than ordinary 4D seats, and they are also suitable for overweight spectators. These are the reasons, science and Technology Museum in the dynamic film, the time is generally relatively short, relatively large action, seats need to have greater strength.

In the 90s of the 20th century, 5D movies appeared in World Expo, Japan, which had special effects of rain and lightning, and seats. But because of the complexity of technology, the 5D film has not been truly popularized. With the development of servo motor technology and computer control technology, 5D dynamic cinema appeared in Shanghai, World Expo in 2008, which caused great repercussions in china.

The early 5D dynamic seats were driven by pneumatic and hydraulic means. However, the pneumatic seat noise is too large, the movement is too fast, the load is not enough, the movement is delayed; the hydraulic seat is rigid, easy to leak oil, high maintenance costs. Moreover, pneumatic and hydraulic also have a common drawback is that they need to install a lot of pipeline in the installation of the project, it is very unfavorable to the construction. And servo electric 5D dynamic seat, just need cloth power line and control line on it.