The Difference Between Several 4D Seats

- Jul 23, 2017-

There are three main 4D seats on the market now:

1, 4D effects seats

With the LD Hall seats are similar, with the ball, meanwhile, vibration, water, poke back, leg sweep effects functions, they can be made into a LD hall, spacious sofa, can also be made into a comparison with traditional theater seats similar style. Usually they also need to theater, large special effects equipment machine, smoke machine, other hurricane flame machine, snow machine, bubble machine, machine, machine with strobe fragrance.

2, 4D dynamic seat

With the CJ group and the shadow power dynamic seat, which has three degrees of freedom motion platform, the seat can simulate the helplessness, bumpy falling action, with poke back, leg sweep effects, but does not have the water,, and vibration effects, completely rely on large theater special effects equipment seat.

Platform 3, six degrees of freedom

Six seats or nine seats on a platform of six degrees of freedom, compared to the three free platform, in addition to analog x, y, Z three directions of movement, you can also simulate the rotation of the three axis around the seat. Six degree of freedom platform is usually used in 7D interactive theater, as a recreational device, appeared in the park and video game city.