The Mini 5D Cinema Is Good For Attracting Children

- Jul 23, 2017-

Video game city in the process of opening, in addition to siting, a very important part of the entertainment equipment is to buy. Especially in today's game city fierce competition environment, video game city management and entertainment equipment choice is also more and more important.

But now, video city entertainment projects are often less suitable for children to play. Dancing machines, basketball machines, such as entertainment, for children, too large. Even for projects like simulated motor games, it's obvious that children play on it. Some of the existing items for children only, hamster, drums, throwing items at. But this project resistance is not high enough, the children play several times on the tired.

The mini 5D theater is a suitable for children to play, to meet the children's entertainment mentality entertainment equipment. The liquid crystal display, dynamic seat, special equipment of the mini 5D theater, children sit in the cinema can watch 3D movies, and dynamic seat and special equipment, can let the children like a roller coaster, car, aircraft. Now the domestic kindergarten teaching contents tend to standardization, repetitive activities, inhibited children's curiosity and imagination, composed of future science fiction films, fairy tales, mini 5D theater, just to meet the children's love of nature exploration.

The choice of entertainment projects is generally children's own decision, but sometimes parents will also provide some advice. A popular children's play equipment, that needs to "please" children, but also need to "please" parents. Parents will ask for a fun program that is safe, healthy, and will even require children to learn something. The mini 5D cinema seats are very safe and very safe. Most of the happiness is the combination of film and action, which gives children the feeling of space transfer. And because the 5D movie is a virtual computer, the pursuit of shock and fantasy effect, there is no erotic and violent scenes, but close to fairy tales and nature feeling. So parents think that this kind of film will help children grow up.