The Prospect Of Vending Gift Claw Crane Game Machine - A Traditional Console Manufacturer Turns To Vending Gift Claw Crane Game Machine

- Nov 18, 2017-

The prospect of vending gift claw crane game machine - a traditional console manufacturer turns to vending gift claw crane game machine


vending gift claw crane game machine before machine don't make money, mainly is no one take the idea, the quality of the doll also not line, has been just as a game hall decoration standard, but later because of helpless, also found the doll machine itself business opportunity. The influence of external environment change on the doll industry is very great. At present domestic doll machine's largest production base in guangdong panyu, originally this is mimic console manufacturing base, but with domestic electronic video industry decline, many enterprises had to do the game simulator turned begin to pay close attention to vending gift claw crane game machine .

In the eyes of practitioners, it is no accident that the vending gift claw crane game machine  has a second spring. "vending gift claw crane game machine actually smack of game, with an attempt to clip to a higher value of the doll, is this vending gift claw crane game machine has been logic, but it is not just a game, in which part of the fun and interactive, just to meet the demand of the experiential consumption now." The reason for the new vitality of the doll is that it is the probability of its blog, the logic of the interaction, and the requirements of the current consumption upgrade.

Play machine in the past, all need to change the game currency, and now many dolls on the qr code, sweep WeChat codes can direct payment, can usually start from 2 yuan top-up, sometimes presented a number of games according to the marketing demand. For consumers, this lowers the consumption threshold that is not high.

The Internet's intervention not only changed the payment of consumers, but also helped our management. People in the industry have long been aware of the profitability of the gifts, but because of the difficulty of management and high cost, there have not been enough enterprises of large scale gifts. vending gift claw crane game machine more rely on artificial maintenance in the past, each machine a day for dolls, game currency add, update, enterprise development to a certain scale, the management will be prone to bugs. But the Internet to improve a lot after the intervention, every machine every operating condition, the companies operating can be clearly know that is the number of dolls, traffic will be of different types of vending gift claw crane game machine analysis, "even we will analysis, what kind of gift in which time period is the most popular, the data in the past it is almost impossible by artificial statistics, the Internet allows these easy." Mr Lee predicts that there will be plenty of big doll-makers in the future.