The Role Of Dynamic Seats In 5D Cinema

- Jul 23, 2017-

As an important part of 5D dynamic cinema equipment, dynamic seat serves as a carrier for customers to watch 5D movies. All aspects of dynamic seat performance directly affect the audience on the 5D dynamic cinema experience is good or bad.

A good dynamic seat, first of all, is comfortable. Customers to buy tickets to see the movie 5D, behoove is sitting comfortably in a chair and experience that make people excited or discovered scenes of horror. To let the audience in the scenario of "stuck" Yubabuneng, comfortable seat is the first media. When the movie started yet, even 3D eyes are not when wearing the seat, if hard or are sitting uncomfortable, but also how to make customers feel at ease experience?

Second, good seat specifications should be practical. The utility that is being able to adapt to different size people can sit down. Human height bread division, general 5D cinema equipment seats are fixed to a specification.

Third, seat with a certain functionality. Different from general cinema seats, 5D dynamic seat has audio vibration, and push back ball, sweep the leg, and spraying and other functions.

Fourth, the quality of the seat. 5D dynamic cinema equipment is a durable goods, which also requires the quality of dynamic seats, in the face of long time passenger rotation, not only to comfort, but also more wearable. If it is generally half the theater seats of poor quality materials will appear serious wear or rot, so select the 5D cinema is a dynamic seat also need quality into consideration.

Fifth, the safety of the seat should be guaranteed. Dynamic cinema is one of the places of entertainment. Fire prevention and mildew control are the important parts of fire control and health safety, and the 5D dynamic cinema is also required to do corresponding safety protection measures.

To sum up, dynamic seats play an integral part in the 5D dynamic cinema equipment.