The Special Effects And Dynamic Production Of 5D Movies

- Jul 23, 2017-

In general, the film was not originally made for special effects. But the 5D movie is entirely for the purpose of playing special effects and dynamic function, produced thrilling, fantasy, funny film. The average 3D movie is taken by two cameras, but the 5D movie is basically all virtual by the computer.

5D movies have many action scenes, such as roller coaster, dive, sharp bend, and then into the sea, causing numerous waves; humans are sitting in the hot air balloon floating, and then blown into the air by the wind. These scenes are perfect with the special effects of wind and rain, tumbling and tumbling.

Special effects and seating movements, as well as the number of movements, the length of time, are controlled by the motion picture playback system. The motion picture player uses the action code in the host to control the special effects and motion, as the film moves synchronously. These actions code is action programmers, according to the action and scene in the film to write. As the roller gets into the sea, the master will control the nozzle of the water jet to open a certain opening. When the splash hits the viewer's face, the viewer thinks he has crashed into the sea with the roller coaster. Action programmers write code for the action and time of the water jet, which controls the special effects of the water jet.

The dynamic seat is the action by degree of freedom platform under the seat to simulate it, the number of degrees of freedom platform electric cylinders of ups and downs, it simulates all movements of helplessness, bumpy rolling. Action editors first use motion capture systems and aerial joystick to capture motion in movies. The action editor can control the work of an electric cylinder by writing several time frames on which time the electric cylinders should be in which position. With special effects, dynamic devices, and control of their action codes, viewers can enjoy the 5D motion movie in front of the lifelike and vividly stereoscopic picture, with the main characters of the film bumping and pitching together.

Dynamic platform, simulate the passion of the dynamic, so that the 5D theater seems to have a passion in the football field, concert passion. Six people sitting in a dynamic platform, or two people sitting in a mini 5D theater, feel is the same bumpy falling and churning, feel is the same as the lightning storms and smoke, the face is the same sci-fi adventure. The audience's visual, auditory and tactile, balance to feel the full stimulation, the innocence of children feel that parents may tread on air, was scared out of his wits.