The VR Game Industry Will Continue To Heat Up The Prospect Of The Industry

- Nov 19, 2017-

The VR game industry will continue to heat up the prospect of the industry


Virtual reality technology has been a key development and support industry in the 13th five-year plan. The popularity of VR technology has also led to its application in gaming. Last year, China's game market sold 165.57 billion yuan. With 534 million users, China is already the world's largest gaming market.

The sixth global games conference has been held in Beijing, and VR has become the focus of the exhibition. Industry experts say VR games will gradually become mainstream.


At the exhibition site, the VR booth is always the most popular area. The experience of VR games can always attract a lot of curious onlookers. "This massive device belongs to the PC platform's VR game, which is paired with a simulated gun handle and a chassis used for walking," the staff told the China sankei news. The reporter also experienced this type of single-shooter VR game, the experience is quite real. The application of VR technology makes the virtual world in the game more vivid.

The hardware devices of VR game are currently divided into: mobile terminal display, namely VR glasses box, mainframe terminal and one-piece machine. Industry insiders also introduce that the future with the technology advances, mobile VR games will have a broad future. From the whole game industry, not only the VR game, the whole video game industry will be vigorously developed in the future.

At the same time, the large space walking experience of VR games will be a big trend. In multiplayer games, players can see each other and team up in virtual games. Chen, a game fan, said: "the future VR can have a better interactive experience, and it will be more fun to play, while VR game live will also appear." The VR game market will be a hot scene at that time.