Virtual Reality Is Getting Real

- Sep 04, 2017-

It's not clear which of these headsets is the "best" — there's still so much we don't know, like pricing, content, developer support, and more. But what's important is that most people will finally understand why major tech companies like Facebook, Samsung, and others are pouring billions of dollars into this technology.

VR theme park(001).jpg

This is one of the virtual reality experiences promised by Easyfun, a new virtual reality theme park that's coming to several cities across the globe.

The majority of early content will likely center around games, but that makes sense. In the same way games like "Spacewar" made computers approachable back in the 1960s, games will help people understand the benefits of virtual reality: Deep immersion, and the ability to do impossible things, feel what you see, be an actor in the scene and see places you couldn't otherwise visit, are an obvious application for games.

But at some point very soon, these devices will be known for other experiences besides gaming: You’ll be able to sculpt without buying clay, or experience skydiving without needing to jump out of an airplane, or visit far-off places like the Andes without needing to leave the country — or our own living rooms, for that matter.

There's still a long way to go for virtual reality — rendering and graphics architectures will continue to improve, and input solutions will arise — but we're finally going to see the starting point for these major products. Since early 2015, Easyfun already launched some amazing virtual reality products such as 9DVR egg cinema, VR Tank, VR battle, VR horse, VR space walker, VR racing car, VR Gatling gun. All of these VR products are very popular in the market all over the world. In the near future, Easyfun will release more new well designed virtual reality products.