Virtual Reality (VR) Offers Great Opportunities For The Retail Industry

- Nov 20, 2017-

Virtual reality (VR) offers great opportunities for the retail industry

Like ikea, BMW, Lowe 's, GEICO, lenovo, Toms, North Face such big brands have begun to use virtual reality to sell their products, enhance the brand image and provide special purchase experience for their clients. Back in July 2016, Chinese e-commerce giant alibaba announced plans to integrate virtual reality into its online marketplace. The company believes that virtual reality can provide customers with the convenience experience of seeing, touching and trying goods. Similarly, eBay has signed an agreement with retailer Myer to develop the most innovative and first VR department stores in Australia. Consumers only need to download applications to access stores. This experience aims to let customers browse Myer over 12,500 products and select and purchase via eBay Sight Search.  

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According to the BI Intelligence report, China's virtual reality market could reach $8.5 billion by 2020. Virtual reality is reality. The VR department store is a new culture for shoppers today. Physical products are replaced by three-dimensional online store items. You seem to be there, but you're not there.

This is neither a toy nor a circus;

It's a new thing, you can use it for shopping

Virtual reality provides an incredible experience for both buyers and sellers. Prepare the virtual shopping, which can be done anywhere. No floors, no lifts, no parking tickets. You will enter a store that is tailored only to you, all of which are concentrated here. Just use your eyes and you can view your body calendar. You can travel in the Hawaiian islands, or you can smell the aroma of barbecues, and you can even try out the best kitchen for your new home... All of them are virtual.


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