What Should Naughty Castle Pay Attention To When Operating?

- Jan 24, 2020-

What should Naughty Castle pay attention to when operating?

Naughty Castle

Naughty Castle is one of the toys for children's play equipment. The operation and installation of Naughty Castle is not limited by the site. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, or at irregular sites, with simple management, no power equipment, and convenient maintenance.

Naughty Castle is a new and highly comprehensive children's playground. It is designed for children who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, shake, swing, jump, and shake. Children can develop independent personality, exercise, and brain puzzle while playing. Naughty Castle is not limited by the site. It can be installed indoors or outside, or irregular sites, simple management, no power equipment, convenient maintenance. The naughty fort has the characteristics of randomness, non-power, interactivity and safety. The randomness means that it is not limited by the site. It can be installed in indoor, outdoor or irregular venues. It means that the naughty fort can be operated without any power device, which saves operating costs in the meantime, and also guarantees the safety of the players, which is also a factor popular with buyers.

Naughty Castle Business Guide

1. Before business

Workers do a good job of sanitation on the site, inspect the condition of equipment and facilities throughout the site, whether they are worn, and whether they can operate normally; prepare the bills, cards and banknotes required for business; self-inspection, grooming, and good image Very important.

2. In business

Keep smiling, provide reasonable guidance to children and parents who enter the venue, and maintain good business order. Keep the paradise clean and sanitize equipment regularly. Seriously and enthusiastically treat customer inquiries and requests. Listen carefully to the opinions of customers, record them in a timely manner, and reflect to their superiors. For emergencies, we must resolve them in a timely manner to ensure the safety of children.

3. After business is over

Organize the accounts for the day and give them to your superiors; clean up the sanitation of the park completely, turn off all power sources, and make sure there are no hidden dangers before leaving.

4. Major festivals

Take appropriate discounts or give small gifts to children to cultivate feelings with them; learn to communicate with children, understand their true preferences at different ages, introduce new equipment from time to time, create a new environment for the park, and inject fresh vitality, Let children love the paradise more and help their intellectual development.

5. Start membership card

The preferential price of members can attract more customers, and the prepayment method can better collect funds.