Outdoor Equipment New Drift Battery Bumper Car

Outdoor equipment new drift battery bumper car
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Product Details

Outdoor equipment new drift battery bumper car



1. Appearance, function, and game method are novelty

2. Automotive-grade paint process, with dazzling lighting design and cool shape design

3. Backrest seat design, car seat belts on both wings, making visitors safer and more comfortable

4. Accurately design the "steering wheel" diameter, steering force, steering rod diameter and other requirements. More reliable performance, more flexible operation and safer driving.

5. With a smart charger, the indicator light indicates the charging progress and efficient charging. The battery does not heat up, does not bubble, and effectively extends battery life. Automatically transferred to the floating state after being fully charged.

6. SNT technology ensures low defect rate of solder joints, good high frequency characteristics, reduced magnetic interference, high quality no four-point silent fan, built-in oil gun automatic oil supply

7. Three speed can be easily adjusted, suitable for adults and children of all ages

8. Strong low-pitched sound, the sound of the car, shocking the audience, improve the atmosphere of the play and attract tourists, the volume can be adjusted 1-30 decibels (built-in IF memory card, music can be replaced by download)

9. There is also radar anti-collision, chassis reinforcement design

10. Super wear-resistant polyester tire, anti-skid wheel design, unique drive system for drift car to grip floor, suitable for all kinds of ground


Easyfun independently developed "brushless drive controller": using double-row MSO pipe system (9 * 2 rows = 18 MSO pipes), each MSO pipe can withstand a large current of 100V / 130A. Built-in fuse and fault detection for superior stability.


Easyfun independently developed "drift kart motherboard: can withstand 100V voltage; can connect 6 12V batteries = 72V (81.5V when 6 batteries are full); drift car uses 48V (51.5V when fully charged)


Product parameters

Product Name

Two players drift car street legal fiberglass bumper cars





Maximum load





10km/h,15km/h,30km/h, three speed adjustable






sky blue, deep blue, yellow, red, green, orange, sliver, purple


1 Set


Reinforced fiberglass,+ sheet metal manufacturing + automotive grade spray paint

Matching battery

Fully enclosed maintenance free battery


Remote, Electronic card

Game time setting


Charging Time

6-8 hours

Continue working time

8 hours

Place of origin

Guangzhou, China

Suitable place

Game center, Theme park, Mall, Water park, Children's Garden, etc.


1 year, lifetime technical support

How to play

1. Use the card or remote control to complete the startup. After the countdown, the music starts to sound.

2. Hold the steering wheel with both hands, the left foot is placed in the brake position, the right foot is stepped on the throttle, and the speed is changed according to the strength of the pedal.

3. Hold the steering wheel with your left hand, pedal the throttle with your right foot, and pull the drift lever to the back with your right hand and do not pull it back to complete the drift.

4. The countdown ends and stops running.

The details 





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