Simulador 9DVR Spaceship 6 Seats VR Cinema

2017 most Profitable New design Simulador 9D Spaceship 6 seats VR Cinema with Special Effects The new generation spaceship design and tank design 6 luxury seats 9D VR is the highly immersive VR cinema. It processes 5 special effects including spray air, ear wind, back push, leg tickle and...
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Most Profitable New design Simulador 9D Spaceship 6 seats VR Cinema with Special Effects


The new generation spaceship design and tank design 6 luxury seats 9D VR is the highly immersive VR cinema. It processes 5 special effects including spray air, ear wind, back push, leg tickle and vibration, which will simulate the virtual reality environment. The VR handset not only provides real time 9 dimension graphics with wide angle but also equips with eye and hand tracking technology. It allows 6 people experience the amazing virtual world at the same time.



Advantages of Easyfun 6 seats 9D VR cinema

1、 Attractive Design:

Now we can offer 2 different designs: The VR Tank design and VR Spaceship design

2、With Special Effects:

Face wind, Ear wind, Sweep leg, Back vibration, Bottom vibration

3、High resolution of VR glasses:

2k, 2560*1440 resolution VR glasses will bring you a marvelous real world you have never been to 

4、Keep updating 9D VR movies:

Will offer you as many as 100 movies when you buy the equipment, and will update 1-2 movies per month.

5、6 Dof electric system motion platform, not hydraulic

Electric system is the best driving system for dynamic simulator, only with the 6 electric cylinders the simulation movement can reach to every direction. 

6.  6 seats 9D VR allow good friends or whole family experience together, which is a good idea. 


DSC_8051.jpg DSC_8159.jpg

DSC_8160.jpg DSC_8162.jpg

DSC_8164.jpg DSC_8165.jpg


6 seats 9D VR cinema Income Analysis:

Since VR virtual reality experience device is the latest technology, people will rush to experience, the price can be set at $5-$10, in some countries like USA, UK, Australia,  the price is $12-15. The movie duration is 5-10 minutes, so every hour it can play at least 6 movies.  Let's see how much you will earn!

Operating Time 

 Profit Analysis       

Total Income

One Day

$5*6seats*6 times/hour*10hours 


One Month     

$5*6seats*6 times/hour *10hours*30days 


One Year  

$5*6seats*6 times/hour *10hours*30days*12months 


After Sale Service :

1. For software problem, we will help you online using remote control to solve the problem or reinstall the system;

For hardware problem, if any part broken during 1 year warranty period, we will change new spare part.

2.  If any part broken after warranty period, if you can find in your local city, we suggest you get it there, if you want to buy from us we will just charge you the real material cost.

3.  Lifelong maintenance and technical support.

4.  Lifetime free software upgrade.



1. Q:Does it need installation?

A:  The electric wire is already connected before shipping, you just to install some decoration part, everyone can do it.

Q:  Does it work with 110 V voltage?

A: Yes, if your voltage is 110 V, we will offer you 110V to 220V transformer. North America is our big market, please don’t worry the voltage.

2. Q: What is the difference between 5D 7D cinema and 9D VR cinema?

A: There are 4 main differences,

I  9D VR cinema use VR helmet instead of projectors and screen.

II  With 9D VR, customers can watch 360°VR movies, 5D 7D cinema can only watch 180°3D movies.

III  9D VR uses the advanced head tracking technology. You can use your head control the direction you want.

IV 9D VR cinema don’t need a special room, free installation.

3. Q: Does it use pneumatic, hydraulic or electric system?

A: The 1, 2, 3 seats 9D egg VR cinema use 3 DOF (Degree of freedom) electric system, for 6 seats 9D VR cinema we use 6 Dof electric system. We don’t use hydraulic system and pneumatic system on 9D VR simulator

4. Q: Where can I run the 9D VR?

A: In shopping mall, walking street, amusement park, tourist attractions, theater… or other suitable places. If 1/2/3 9D VR egg chair just need 2 – 9 square meter, if 6 seats VR tank or VR spaceship need 9-12 square meter.

5. Q: How many movies can I have and what type movies?

A: We will offer you 25 pcs 360 degree VR movies and 75 pcs 5D movies, and all the movies are high quality, last 5-10 minutes.

6. Q: Does it have English version?

A: The whole system and all the movies are in English.

7. Q: Can I put my own Logo on the 9D VR simulator?

Yes, of course.

8. Can I be your agent in my country?

Yes, please contact us for further discussion.



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