Virtual Reality Cinema 9D VR Tank Simulator with 6 Chairs Platform

360 Degree Immersion 9D VR Tank virtual reality Cinema simulator With 6 chairs platform and HD 9D VR glasses 9D virtual reality Cinema simulator is a simulation of the virtual environment. The 9D VR glasses with 720 degree view will show the HD panoramic image. Easyfun 6 seats 9D virtual reality...
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360 Degree Immersion Virtual Reality Cinema 9D VR Tank Simulator with 6 Chairs Platform


9D virtual reality Cinema simulator is a simulation of the virtual environment. The 9D VR glasses with 720 degree view will show the HD panoramic image. Easyfun 6 seats 9D virtual reality cinema has 5 special effects of spray air, ear wind, leg tickle, back push and vibration. We made 2 special attractive design – VR tank design and VR spaceship design, will give you an amazing outlook. When you are sitting on the cinema chair, wear the HD 9D VR glasses and experience the roller coaster, as the train is dashing down, you can feel the air from you face. And the 6 Dof electric platform will offer you a strong free degree weight loss effects.



Easyfun 6 chairs 9D virtual reality cinema specification:

6 chair 9D VR



220V /110 V


7.2 KW


electric cylinder, 6 Dof (degree of freedom)

Angle for front and back


Angle for left and right


Range for up and down




9D VR glasses

response time < 13m, resolution: 2k, 2560*1440bsp;    



Max. loading



Air, wind, leg sweep, back vibration, bottom vibration


L2800*W2200*H2100 mm

Packing Size

12 CBM


9D VR movies / 9D VR games




There are a wide variety of applications for virtual reality which include:

· Shopping mall

· Sport room

· Amusement Park

· The Museum

· Entertainment Park

· Business Street

· Game Center

· Water Park

· Business Building

· Club and Party

· Science Museum

· VR Theme Park


Why choose Easyfun 6 seats 9D virtual reality cinema

1. 9D virtual reality cinema is a new product firstly released by Easyfun in China.

It's absolutely different from 5d motion cinema, 7d interactive cinema.

2. Beside the 1/2/3 9D VR egg chairs, 6 seats 9D VR allow business owner sell 6 seats at one time, it is much better in some busy place, and 6 seats looks more high level.

3. Viewers just need to put on VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience.

4. Compared to other Chinese suppliers, Easyfun has its own factory with strong technical team, we have our own film department.

5. We already set up a branch company in Indonesia, so Easyfun become the only company of the VR products field in China which set up real company in other country, and we are looking for agents in some big countries or area.

6. Even your 9D cinema equipment not buy from us, if you need help, we will give you a hand.

7. We offer professional consultation about the cinema business.

8. Excellent technical support and after sale service, what we say is what we will do, that is a promise to customers.




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