9DVR Simulator Experience / Virtual Reality Egg Cinema Equipment

Easyfun Dynamic Interactive 9DVR simulator experience / Virtual Reality egg Cinema equipment What is 9D VR (9D virtual reality) simulator The 9D VR cinema simulator technology is updated from 5D 7D cinema, it use the VR glasses to show the 360º movies instead of projector and screen. It connects...
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Easyfun Dynamic Interactive 9DVR simulator experience / Virtual Reality egg Cinema equipment

What is 9D VR (9D virtual reality) simulator

The 9D VR cinema simulator technology is updated from 5D 7D cinema, it use the VR glasses to show the 360º movies instead of projector and screen. It connects with the motion seats and brings you a totally different and real experience.

It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes the viewers through an amazing experience.

9D VR will give you the opportunity to go into a virtual world and make you believe that it’s real.

Come and experience a ride that you will never forget in Easyfun.


1. Egg chair 9D VR

For the egg seat 9D VR, we are making 1, 2 and 3 seats. We can offer all kinds of egg chair type in the market, and the 2 egg seats 9DVR is the most popular in the world.

Easyfun 1, 2, 3 Egg seats 9D VR


It use 3 Dof electric servo motor system, the motion is very accurate, fast and soft. The software is developed by ourselves. Now we can add wind, sweep leg, back vibration and bottom vibration on the seats.


2座VR 平台.jpg 

1/2/3 egg seats 9D virtual reality cinema simulator Parameter


9D   VR 3 seats

9DVR   2 Seats

9DVR   1 seat


Blue,   black, brown, red, yellow or as customer’s need









Vertical   lift




Motion   speed








After-sales   service

1   year warranty,lifetime technical support





Rated   current












2. Easyfun 6 seats 9D VR cinema


For 6 seats 9D VR cinema, we are making Tank design and Spaceship design, both of them look high class and more attractive.  6 seats 9D VR cinema use 6 Dof electric system, it can do all movements.


3.  20 or more seats 9D VR cinema simulator

For the 20 seats 9D VR simulator, we call it VR high-speed train, because Easyfun made the China high-speed rail design for it. It is Easyfun’s newest big 9D VR project for virtual reality experience hall. It allows 20 - 100 people experience the VR movies together. The China high-speed rail design is really attractive and loved by our customers, when sitting in the carriage, It looks like it's in the real high-speed train with the experience of 350km/h speed.

It use 3 Dof electric system, 3-4 seats as a units, can make up to 100 seats.



4. More hot sale VR simulators



Easyfun 9D VR games

We will offer as many as 100 VR games when you buy the 9D VR, and will continue to update new games after sale for free.



Choose Easyfun 9D, 5 advantages FOR YOU !

1.World premiere+Exclusive features

2.Small business location (only 2-9 square meter )

3.Wireless operation.No need to install.

4.Full automatic mode.1 person for operation

5.Professional after-sale service, lifelong maintenance!

What is the function of 9D VR cinema?

1.Free vision

Bionic 125 ° field of view,1080P HD resolution two eyes independently, without dead ends brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings .


2.Interactive cabin with dynamic effects.

The moving speed of the cabin from 10mm / s to 167mm / s can be precise regulation, make you free to move in the new wonderful world.


3.360 ° rotating platform

Rotating platform is based on a high level freely.Once advancing, turning around, you can have fully experience of the real pleasure from the spatial displacement of the new funny world .


4.Head tracking target

Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360 ° head tracking, you will feel your whole body into the world of film when turning around


5.Rich content

Boundless Universal,Endless Ocean,Hail of bullets......Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now.


6.Amazing virtual reality experiences

Explore every wonderful creation of our world, broadcast the moment at present, predict the future.


Super advantages of Easyfun 9D virtual reality simulator

1. Cool egg design chair, VR tank, VR spaceship and high-speed train design

2. 3 glasses famous brand VR glasses, 2k, 2560*1440 resolution.

3. Professional and mass different types of movies and games

4. 360 degree VR Chair movements

5. Professional environment effects exactly match the games

6. Consumer account function inside

7. Professional software operation system

8. Electric servo motor driving system

9.12+6 Super factory warranty, lifetime technical support

10. Professional experience VR zone design

Easyfun 6 seats 9D VR cinema Income Analysis:

You can make the ticket price $5-10, in some countries like USA, UK, Australia,  the price is $12-15. The movie duration is 5-10 minutes, so every hour it can play at least 6 movies.  Let's see how much you will earn !

Operating Time 

 Profit   Analysis       

Total Income

One Day

$5*6seats*6   times/hour*10hours 


One   Month     

$5*6seats*6 times/hour   *10hours*30days 


One Year  

$5*6seats*6 times/hour   *10hours*30days*12months 


Easyfun 9D VR in Exhibition


Packing and shipment:



About Easyfun:

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co.,Ltd is a professioal manufacturer of 5d 7d cinema 9d VR cinema equipments , VR Gatling, VR space, VR racing car, VR battle, VR space, VR walker, Kid VR and other amusement park equipment. We have strong development team for producing cinema and movies and other animation products.

Market leader in out-of-home multi-sensory interactive attractions, EASYFUN has created the most technologically advanced immersive and interactive media-based simulators for both the entertainment and edutainment markets. With installations in over 50 countries across all continents, EASYFUN continues to push the limits and allow guests worldwide to "live the moment". Since 2006, EASYFUN has operated its own studio to develop state-of-the-art custom content for its attractions. EASYFUN is a privately held company based in China with offices in Guangzhou and HongKong.

Now Easyfun already set up a branch company in Indonesia, and also we have exchange and cooperation with USA team, Australia Team and Korea Team. Our aim to be a great internationalized company in entertainment industry.



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