Virtual Reality Headset 9D VR Cinema Simulator 9dvr experience

Virtual Reality Headset 9D VR Cinema Single Seat VR Glass With 360 Degree Rotation What is 9D virtual reality? 9D virtual reality (9D VR) is a unique successful commercial VR product. It use VR glasses to show the 360º movies. It connect with the motion seats and bring you a totally different...
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Virtual Reality Headset 9D VR Cinema Single Seat VR Glass With 360 Degree Rotation


What is 9D virtual reality?

9D virtual reality (9D VR) is a unique successful commercial VR product. It use VR glasses to show the 360º movies. It connect with the motion seats and bring you a totally different and real experience.

You just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. Moving your head and press the button on the seats to shoot the target in the movies.

Different kinds of movies which will give you the different experience. Join us to get more fun and more business opportunity.



Special Effect for 1 seat 9D VR



Product Parameter(Specification)of the single seat 9D VR:

1 egg chair 9D VR cinema



220V /110 V


2.2 Kw


electric cylinder

Angle for front and back


Angle for left and right


Range for up and down






Seat Quantity

1 seat


L1000*W1000*H1950 mm

Packing Size

L1200*W1250*H2050 mm


Super advantages of Easyfun 9D virtual reality simulator:

1. Cool egg design chair

2. 3 glasses famous brand VR glasses, 2k, 2560*1440 resolution

3. Professional and mass different types of movies and games

4. 360 degree VR Chair movements

5. Professional environment effects exactly match the games

6. Consumer account function inside

7. Professional software operation system

8. Electric servo motor driving system

9.12+6 Super factory warranty, lifetime technical support

10. Professional experience VR zone design


How to make profit from Virtual Reality 9D simulator?
1)9D VR cinema is a new product in China.
It's absolutely different from 5d motion cinema, 7d interactive cinema.

2)Viewers just need to put on VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies.It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience.

3) EASYFUN is the professional supplier of  9d VR cinema.

4)Our powerful R&D team is technical assurance:9d technology,product quality, movies update.Our professional after-sale service team is your support.

5)Compared to foreign suppliers, our price is more competitive.It brings great business opportunity to investors wants to invest 9d VR.



Various VR movies and games

9D VR allows us to not only watch movies, but also play interactive games. The immersive experiences attract customers to come back and play again.

EASYFUN Various different egg chairs


How long the money will return?

9D VR virtual reality experience device has single-seat, two seats, three seats and six seats,we assume that the choice of the two sets 1 seat 9D VR
Since VR virtual reality experience device is the latest technology, people will rush to experience, the price can be set at $5-$10.
Every time VR movie is 5-10 minutes, every hour can probably have six batches of spectators


Income of 2 sets 1 seat 9D V


Profit Analysis

Total Profit($)

One Day


$960 for 2 sets 1 seat

One Month


$28800 for 2 sets 1 seat


Where to place the 9d VR cinema?
* Tourist attractions.
* All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.
* Star hotels.
* KTV.
* Movie theater,home theater.
* Arcade.
* Auto show.
* Supermarket.
* Science promotion activities and so on.

Any way,they can be used in any activities to let the display more headline-grabbing


Our Services

1. Installation

We will send full set with package like the packing show above.No need installation


2.How to use

We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.


We offer you one full year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.

4.9D Movies

We have our professional team working on the movie, normally we can update 2-3 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty.


We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket and room decoration for you. Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.



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